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Positive Displacement and Vacuum Blowers

We are able to offer one of the broadest lines of competitively priced positive displacement blower models and vacuum boosters in the industry. These units all comply with stringent quality standards, each blower and booster is tested before shipping and carries a factory warranty. All units are manufactured within stringent ISO 9000 quality assurance standards by the supplier.

Typical applications include pneumatic conveying, chemical processing, gas moving, vacuum boosters or exhausting, food processing, waste treatment aeration, elevated pressures, complete package systems, and more.

Also included in our range are smaller blowers suited to the aquaculture, air movement and small pneumatic conveying systems.


Truck blowers - unload dry bulk products including cement, pebble lime, plastic resins, sugars and flour. They include integral silencing, full oil splash lubrication, and up to 20 PSIG (1.38 bar g) continuous capability.

Should you require a quote please visit our Quote sheets - Blowers