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Dynamic Engineering Australia - Drying Solutions

Can and Bottle Drying Systems

If your company fills PET / Glass bottles, cans, jars, pouches or kegs, you will be already aware of surface drying problems experienced during the filling and labelling processes.

Air Control Industries Ltd can offer a full and comprehensive range of products that will ensure that all processes on the filling/production line are not going to be compromised by any unwanted moisture.

ACI have a number of committed customers internationally that include household names such as Heineken, Coca Cola, Nestle and locally (Australia) Carlton United Beverages, Lyon Nathan Limited, Kraft Asia, Armstrong World industries and Coca Cola. ACI have established themselves as the World Leader in developing Total Drying Solutions.

Within ACI’s website you'll find all the necessary information to help you select the right drying system for your needs. If, however, you do need specific help, Dynamic Engineering Australia would be only too pleased to assist you. Please contact us or feel free to browse the ACI’s various comprehensive web site: