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Fume Extraction

Revolutionary Alfi Fume Extraction System


Finding a cost effective and efficient fume and contaminant control in your workshop.

Extract at Source

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Dynamic Engineering's Alfi Fume Extraction System is the best way to extract fumes in your workplace.

Our Swedish-made flexible arms can be positioned to extract fumes at the source:

  • much more efficient than large fixed hoods and extraction systems
  • allows the operator to focus on the job at hand without worrying about dangerous fumes or dust.

Easily fitted into all workshops, the arms easily retract out of the way when not in use and multiple arms can be used with one fan.           

Read more about why Dynamic Engineering's Alfi Fume Extraction system is a great solution for your business:

Extrace fumes at source  

Extract Fumes at Source

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Extract at Source

Extracting fumes at the source:

  • uses smaller fans
  • provides greater extraction performance
Smaller fans and better performance result in:
  • lower cost
  • less noise
  • fewer stray fumes

All this adds up to a safer, more environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate work place.



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Dynamic Engineering's Alfi Fume Extraction system is versatile:

  • wide variety of lengths and configurations to meet any workplace needs
  • filtered, portable and wall mounted units that fit anywhere in all workshop layouts
  • suitable for use in hazardous, food processing and other specialised environments

Space Saving

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Space Saving Our Alfi Fume Extraction System saves crucial space in your workshop:
  • easily retracting out of the way when not in use
  • flexible allowing the operator to focus on the job at hand

Energy Efficient

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Energy Efficient

Dynamic Engineering's Alfi Fume Extraction System uses less energy and is cheaper to run than traditional hooded and general fume extraction systems because they:

  • use smaller more energy efficient fans to do the same job
  • extract fumes at the source means:
    • less air is moved
    • only the fumes are extracted

Safer for Staff

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Safer for Staff

Our Fume Extraction System is safer for staff because:

  • fumes are extracted at the source using efficient and powerful fans
  • less (if any) stray fumes

Further, staff are able to focus on the job at hand without the need for uncomfortable and inconvenient specialist personal ventilation equipment.


Better for the Environment

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Better for the Environment

The Dynamic Engineering Alfi Fume Extraction System is better for the environment because it:

  • captures a greater percentage of fumes than traditional systems
  • can be combined with filtering systems reducing exhaust contaminents


With an Alfi Fume Extraction Arm you can realise these benefits:

  1. Significant energy savings
  2. Cheaper installation costs  

  3. Safer work environment with less fumes

  4. Increased worker productivity

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