Cost-effective and efficient fume and contaminant control solutions

Extracting fumes at the source creates a better work environment

Safer for your staff

  • Hazardous vapours, smoke, and dust are extracted at the work station using efficient and powerful fans, resulting in fewer stray fumes.
  • Flexible extraction arms allow the operator to focus on the job at hand.
  • Less noise in your workshop.
  • Removes the need for uncomfortable and inconvenient specialist personal ventilation equipment.

Cleaner air at work

  • Captures a greater percentage of fumes than traditional systems.
  • Can be combined with filtering systems to reduce exhaust and dust contaminants.

Space saving

  • Mobile and portable units allow for operating flexibility.
  • Multiple arms can be used with one fan, saving crucial space in your workshop, and easily retracting out of the way when not in use.

Greater extraction performance

  • Extracting fumes close to the source is much more efficient than large fixed hoods and traditional extraction systems.
  • Smaller, energy efficient extraction fans do the same job but are cheaper to operate, and less air is moved.

Dynamic Engineering delivers a quality, reliable, versatile and affordable fume and dust extraction solution to suit all workshop applications. Click below to view our ALFI solution: