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Industrial and General Axial Fans

Our standard range of aerofoil axial fans are manufactured in standards sizes however can be customized to suit the customers application with in optimal operation constraints. 

aerofoil axial fan6 propeller axial fanaxial fan with customize propeller

We offer a variety of variable and fixed pitch impellers available in materials suited to all applications. The standard materials include glass reinforced nylon, polypropylene and polyamide, Aluminum and 304, 316 stainless steel.

Impeller classifications are:

  • General purpose
  • Anti-static
  • High temperature
  • Chemically aggressive environments
  • Hazardous zone location
  • Extreme operating conditions.

Axial fans can also be offered in:

  • Direct drive
  • Bifurcated
  • Belt driven styles
  • Contra-rotating designs are also available for higher static applications.

Note: Standard cases are manufactured from mild steel hot dip galvanized, supplied in a long and short form. Stainless steel and epoxy coated cases are also available.
Standard motors are:

  • Power supply 415 volt 50Hz
  • TEFC with IP55 protection
  • Class ‘F’ insulation.
  • Sealed for life bearings or grease nipples are offered on the larger motors.
  • Hazardous zone, Two speed, Flameproof and single phase motors are also available.
  • External terminal boxes are fitted as standard to all these fans, with the exception of hazardous and flameproof motors. (External terminal boxes and wiring for these motors can be provided on POA basis)


  • Matching flanges. (Std. Spun flanges, angle flanges must be requested)
  • Mounting feet
  • Anti-vibration isolation mounts (RIS, springs and block mounts)
  • Noise attenuators (Podded and unpodded to suit application)
  • Inlet or outlet cones.
  • Mesh guards for the fan inlet and/or discharge. (Permanent of removable)

Replacement Parts

  • We carry a large variety of impeller components and can usually supply suitable replacement parts or possibly assemble a complete replacement fan for the next day.
  • A variety of rubber in shear AV mounts are stocked and can also be supplied same day. Most other mounts including springs can also be supplied same day.
  • Cases, silencers and case accessories are generally ordered with the individual cases. Therefore we do not stock these items, however standard items can generally be supplied within a week.

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