Blow-off cleaning stations are a safer choice for dust removal from work clothes

Accumulating dust on clothing and equipment is a common problem in many manufacturing and industrial environments, requiring quick and safe de-dusting and clean-down solutions. Despite knowing the dangers, many employers and employees use compressed air guns and nozzles to clean debris or clothes.

This practice can be extremely hazardous.

Why compressed air is dangerous


  • Air pressured at just 12PSI can force an eye from its socket
  • Compressed air accidentally blown into the mouth can rupture the lungs, stomach or intestines.
  • Air can enter the navel, even through a layer of clothing, and inflate and rupture the intestines.
  • Air can also enter the bloodstream, and death is possible if it makes its way to blood vessels in the brain
    • If an air pocket reaches the heart, it causes symptoms similar to a heart attack.
    • Upon reaching the brain, pockets of air may lead to a stroke.
  • Direct contact with compressed air can lead to serious medical conditions and even death.
  • Even safety nozzles which regulate pressure to 30 psi cannot be safely used to clean the human body.


Read more about safety with ACI’s fact sheet - Compressed air is still used for cleaning off clothing and parts of the body – but is it really safe?”.

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