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Personnel Cleaning

Personnel Cleaning and Blow Down Units

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Personnel de-dusting Jet Black Unit

JetBlack is an innovative, cost effective, but most importantly SAFE solution for the cleaning and de-dusting of personnel and equipment using multi stage blower-technology.

Although many employers and employees are aware that using compressed air guns/nozzles to clean debris or clothes can be extremely hazardous, it is still predominantly used for this activity in many manufacturing and industrial environments.

The success of this unit is proving that the improper use of compressed air for personnel blow-down cleaning is a serious issue amongst employers.

Why compressed air is dangerous

The JetBlack poses no danger to operators, and having a blower as the power source instead of compressed air has eliminated the issue to contact pressure with any obstacle including direct contact with human skin.

Available in a portable or wall-mounted package, the JETBLACK has been specifically designed to be installed into a factory or clean room environment where dust, dirt, fibres or water need to be effectively removed from persoSafe on skinnnel clothing, footwear, or from product during the manufacturing process. If more effective contaminant collection is required to ensure the safety of co-workers then we can offer our Personnel Cleaning Booths. 

Brochures about JETBLACK Personnel Cleaning Station

For more information or to place an order please contact Dynamic Engineering on (08) 9356 7633(08) 9356 7633 or email us.

Jet black user testimonials

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DEK Printing
Application: Drying precision screens for printing electronic circuitry employed in the medical, aerospace and automotive industries.

“In addition to the significant time advantage the JetBlack provides, it is safer, quieter and more comfortable to use whilst eliminating screen rejects resulting from deposition of contaminants from the compressed air line.”
Brian Greatex, Process Engineer

Kimberly Clark
Application: Personnel cleaning, removing tissue paper flock from mill operators.

“On purchasing a JetBlack unit, we tested it in the worst area – the paper mill. The unit has now been widely accepted by all employees and we now have them fitted throughout our site.”
Brian Glover, Mill Safety Manager

Trelleborg Sealing Solution
Application: Personnel cleaning, removing resin composite dust from factory staff.

“Safety, noise reduction and reduced costs are all factors that led to the company installing the blower powered JetBlack de-dusting units.”
Mick Wragg, Health & Safety Officer

Lafarge Plasterboard
Application: Personnel cleaning, removing plasterboard dust from factory operators.

“The principal advantage seen to be offered by the JetBlack was a safe means of de-dusting achieved through the use of high air volumes delivered at low pressure.” Lloyd Fennell, Electrical Technician

Hallmark Cards
Application : Removing glitter from printing machinery. 

“We wanted to eliminate the use of compressed air from machine cleaning duties for health and safety reasons”, said Dave Perrett, Setter Training Manager at Hallmark Cards. “We took a JetBlack on trial and subsequently ordered 15 units, which says it all as regards our satisfaction with the product.”