Air Drying Systems

Complete Customized Air Drying Solutions

Your Challenge

Finding a cost effective, efficient and one stop solution to removing of surface moisture, coatings or dust – for drying, cleaning, spreading and cooling of conveyorised components in production processes.

Our Solutions

Dynamic Engineering, together with ACI's and four decades of proven expertise in air drying systems. We offer you a wide variety of total solution options. These solutions vary to suit your needs which may inclue a fully enclosed low noise total solution to the remote blower and air delivery components only.

'LNL' (Low Noise Level) Fully Enclosed Drying System

This is a premium drying solution. It is a fully enclosed system which reduces the local noise pollution and contains & controls the water spray to waste. The stainless steel acoustic enclosure also protects the blower and working environment from spray contamination.

'EL' (Eye Level) Semi Enclosed Drying System

This Semi enclosed unit includes a Stainless Steel Acoustic Blower enclosure which protects the Blower, Motor and Internal Filter from the environment during process cleaning cycles. Leg kits can be supplied to allow the enclosure to be positioned directly above or to the side of the filling line to minimise the footprint required.

'RM' (Remote Blower) Drying System

This is our budget Air Drying Solution. This package has no enclosures and is simply a remote mounted blower and air delivery devise solution. So still includes our high perfomance blower and specially designed drying components, so no compromising performance or efficiency.

Cap & Neck Dryers

These can be used on their own or in conjunction with Airknives or jetplates to provide high velocity air right where it is needed.

Particularly effective for problem areas on unusual bottle shapes, neck labelling and shrink wrapped products.

Can Drying Tunnels

Can Drying Tunnels use a variable height plenum with a 'Y' shaped slot configuration. These have been specifically designed for drying the tops and bottoms of cans. Used in conjunction with Airknives this can dry the entire can.


Airknives are a well proven and all-round drying solution. They deliver a high velocity curtain of air which is ideal for removing liquids from bottles, cans, or jars. These are available in Stainless steel, Aluminium and a new modular configuration.


Specifically designed to improve bottle drying performance whilst simplifying installation and maintenance and operation. A unique stepped slot plate design allows air to be delivered from a very short distance, maximising drying efficiencies and productivity ensuring the very best results.

Compact Blower (EP10A)

A belt driven, centrifugal blower incorporating backward curved turbine bladed impeller. Powerful and quiet the EP10A blowers are available with motors from 5.5kw – 15kw.

Sheet, Wire and Cable Drying

Energy saving drying solutions for extruded cables, wires, plastic and rubber profiles. The unique "drying head" design allows high velocity blower-driven air to effectively remove water from high speed production lines, and has the added benefit of substantiallower running costs to compressed air options.

Alternative Uses

For any industrial process requiring the removal of surface moisture, dust or contamination from materials and components in all shapes and sizes. The possibilities are endless, including automotive and food processing.

Other Accessories and Spare Parts

Retro Fit Enclosure

Upgrade to the a Fully Enclosed Stainless Steel Enclosure

  • - Superior noise attenuation 
  • - Splash containment
Other accessories available
  • - Filter KB-234 - Specifically designed to protect the EP-10A blower from potentially harmful airborne dust and particles.
  • - Drive Belts. We recommended regularly checking belts to ensure the are always running at their optimal tension and in good order.

Your Satisfaction

With ACI Air Drying Systems, you can realise the benefits:

  • - Significant energy savings 
  • - Increased productivity 
  • - Cheaper installation and maintenance costs 

View our Products in Action

Powerade Bottle Drying

Swan Brewery Can Drying

Product Data Sheets

Bottle and Can Drying Systems Bottle and Can Drying Systems (1219 KB)

Bottle and Can – 'LNL' (Low Noise Level) Drying System Bottle and Can – 'LNL' (Low Noise Level) Drying System (1028 KB)

Mini ‘LNL’ (Low Noise Level) Drying System Mini ‘LNL’ (Low Noise Level) Drying System (979 KB)

Bottle and Can – 'EL' (Eye Level) Drying System Bottle and Can – 'EL' (Eye Level) Drying System (1307 KB)

‘RM’ (Remote Blower) Drying System ‘RM’ (Remote Blower) Drying System (1214 KB)

Can Drying Tunnels Can Drying Tunnels (1420 KB)

Air Knife Systems Air Knife Systems (1349 KB)

Cap and Neck Dryers Cap and Neck Dryers (1376 KB)

DRI-Line Series JetPlates DRI-Line Series JetPlates (1162 KB)

DRI-Line Series Other Drying Methods DRI-Line Series Other Drying Methods (1403 KB)

EP10A Compact Blowers EP10A Compact Blowers (1296 KB)