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Dynamic Engineering is the exclusive distributor for JETBLACK personnel cleaning stations and booths in Australia and New Zealand.

The JETBLACK Cleaning Station is an innovative, cost effective, but most importantly, safe solution for the cleaning and de-dusting of personnel and equipment using multi-stage blower-technology. Improper use of compressed air for personnel blow-down cleaning is a serious issue amongst employers (read more about Why Compressed Air is Dangerous).


JetBlack safe for contact on skin

  • The JETBLACK cleaning station poses no danger to operators because it has a blower as the power source instead of compressed air. This has eliminated the dangers of high air pressure coming into direct contact with human skin.
  • Is OSHA (USA) compliant as JETBLACK units are fitted with a chip guard, and operate at a low pressure.
  • JETBLACK cleaning stations are typically quieter than most compressed air nozzle arrangements.




 JetBlack equipment blow-down JetBlack personnel cleaning booth  

  • Available in a portable or wall-mounted package, JETBLACK cleaning stations have been specifically designed to be installed into a factory or clean room environment where dust, dirt, fibres or water need to be effectively removed from personnel clothing, footwear, or from product during the manufacturing process.
  • If more effective contaminant collection is required to ensure the safety of workers then a JETBLACK Cleaning Booth will be more suitable.

Cost effective

Wall mounted JetBlack personnel cleaning station

  • Blower-powered air costs up to 90% less than the equivalent compressed air generation.

Read more about why blow-off cleaning stations are a safer choice for dust removal from work clothes.

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JetBlack Data Sheets

JetBlack Data Sheet JetBlack Data Sheet (1353 KB)

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