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  • JetBlack Cleaning Booth

    JetBlack Personnel cleaning booth

    If you have employees moving between dusty work areas to clean-zones, the installation of a JetBlack Personnel Cleaning Booth will allow them to quickly and safely remove residue dust, powder or contaminant from all PPE and work-wear clothing.

    The Personnel Cleaning Booth is guaranteed to meet or exceed OHS requirements.

    It operates by utilising high-velocity, low-pressure air that is effective in dislodging all materials from clothing and much easier to use than alternative vacuum systems.  More importantly it is completely safe and avoids many of the issues associated with compressed air which has the potential to be very dangerous in this type of application due to the high air pressures involved.

    Why the JetBlack Cleaning Booth is a better alternative


    The JetBlack produces high volume, low pressure air (2.52psi) which poses no threat to personal safety unlike similar compressed air systems.  Our system also doesn't require the use of PPE, although we advocate its use in all industrial situations.


    Blower powered air produced by the JetBlack costs up to 90% less than the equivalent compressed air generation.  Our system is all inclusive with no other services required other than the supply of power.


    With noise levels of 74dB(A) @ 3m, the JetBlack is typically quieter than almost all compressed air arrangements.


    The JetBlack cleaning booth has a small footprint (approx. 2000mm x 1500mm).


    Delivered fully assembled, only requiring a 240V power source.


    Powder coated with simple filter changing and easy dust disposal.


    With the JetBlack Cleaning Booth there aren't any delays between uses due to pressure vessel recharging as encountered with compressed air systems.

    Simple by Design

    Within a 20-30 second timeframe, workers can enter the cleaning booth door and safely clean-down. The combination of the air-shower effect and the integrated JetBlack enables the air-flow to dislodge dust present on the operator, which is subsequently captured and filtered by a stand-alone cyclone extraction unit.


    • Safe and easy to operate/maintain
    • Powerful ‘air shower’ effect
    • Indoor installation (outdoor available by special order)
    • HEPA filter

    Typical Environments include:

    • Mining above and below ground
    • Mineral processing facilities
    • Powerstations
    • Cleanroom manufacturing facilities
    • Quarrying/Stone/Aggregate facilities
    • Plastic and rubber production
    • Cement and plasterboard manufacturing 
    • Paper and tissue production
    • Carpet and general textile manufacturing
    • Anywhere that has dust and other airborne solids

    Data Sheet

    JetBlack Personnel Cleaning Booth Data Sheet JetBlack Personnel Cleaning Booth Data Sheet (820 KB)

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