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  • MF-Eco Mobile filtered fume extraction unit - 2m extraction arm

    Mobile Filtered Extraction Unit with internally supported Diameter 160 x 2m long retractable extraction arm and Self Cleaning system.

    Welding Fume & Dust Collection

    This Mobile fume and dust extraction unit has its own internal cartridge filter prior to the fan inlet and also has a self cleaning mechanism and dust collection tray. These units are provided with a internally supported Diameter 160 x 2 m long retractable extraction arm. The retractable rm is self supporting and has its own hood and damper for volume control.

    It’s the most economical mobile filtering solution available for welding fumes and light dust.

    This unit is robust, mobile and efficient. It is ideal for applications where one unit can be used for multiple workstations.


    Technical Data

    - Capacity 1200m³/h

    - Filtration efficiency >99% (Welding fumes)

    - Fan 0.75kw

    - Action radius 2m, due to arm Swiveling arm 360˚

    - Filter Cartridge Dust free replacement

    - Size (HxWxD) 990 x 530 x 640mm Weight 55kg+15kg

    - Product code = P-540-2

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