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  • PortaFlex 200 Fume Extraction - Auto start

    Porta-Flex is portable and flexible

    The Porta-Flex is a user friendly, portable welding fume extractor with built in filter. It has 2.5m flexible hose with magnet nozzle. Suitable for welding in confined spaces or difficult to reach locations. Perfect for service and repair work. This unit offers a auto starting capability. When welding commencing the extraction unit starts or stops. 


    Efficient filtration

    The filter cartridge has long life and efficient filtration. It is easily cleaned and to change
    when required.


    Porta-Flex has a weight of just 15kg. It is extremely easy to carry. The hose can be rolled around the handle and fix the magnetic nozzle to the outside of unit. The Porta-Flex is simple, effective and cheap.


    • Hose 2.5m and filter cartridge are included.
    • Nozzles need to be ordered separately to suit the size required. (80mm, 200mm, 300mm & 400mm long)
    • Porta-Flex 200 Auto (1kW) 160m³/h and automatic start/stop. (P-611)
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