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    Retractable Fume Extraction arm Dia 160mm x 4 m long.

    Alfi retractable fume extraction arm - 4m long. 

    Welding Fume & Dust Collection arms

    This range of internally supported retractable fume extraction arms are robust and flexible, yet rigid during service. They are all supplied with wall mounting brackets and all these are designed to suit out standard fans (supplied separately). All these arms are fitted with their own hood, a handle and damper for volume control.

    These can be coupled together to suit multiple workstations applications.  


    Flexible arm with Internal support mechanism, easy to clean with precise manoeuvrability. These arms have a unique spring controlled lock to hold the arm steady during service


    High temperature resistant hose combined with a metal hood make the lightweight arm the best choice for professional and heavy duty applications for fume and dust.


    Fans, spotlights, up to 4m extension arms & extension ducting and ducting with magnetic hood.

    Technical Data

    - Action radius for all length arms, 180˚ or more depending where thsese are mounted. i.e. if mounted on column in middle of workshop the radious can be much greater.

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