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  • JetBlack Personnel Cleaning Booth

    Worker De-Dusting & Clothes Cleaning Solution

    For workers moving between dusty work areas to clean-zones, the JetBlack Personnel Cleaning Booth will allow them to quickly and safely blow down dust, powder or contaminants from all PPE and work-wear clothing.


    The JetBlack Personnel Cleaning Booth is guaranteed to meet or exceed OHS requirements.

    It operates by utilising high-velocity, low-pressure air that is effective in dislodging all materials from clothing and is much easier to use than alternative vacuum systems.  More importantly it is a completely safe alternative to using compressed air (read more about Why Compressed Air is Dangerous).

    Within a 20-30 second timeframe, workers can enter the cleaning booth door and safely clean-down. The combination of the air-shower effect and the integrated JetBlack cleaning station enables the steady air-flow to remove dust and particles present on the operator, which can be captured and filtered by a stand-alone (optional) cyclone extraction unit.

    Technical Data Sheet (download)

    Data sheet download:

    JetBlack Personnel Cleaning Booth Data Sheet JetBlack Personnel Cleaning Booth Data Sheet (820 KB)

    Key Features

    Safe and easy to operate/maintain

    Modular construction

    Powerful ‘air shower’ effect

    Incorporates ACI’s JetBlack Cleaning unit

    Includes option of stand-alone Cyclone Extractor

    Indoor/Outdoor installation and alternative arrangements such as walk through options can be accommodated

    HEPA filter (optional) 

    What's Included

    With cyclone extractor option

    Indoor cleaning booth

    PLC control system

    Pre-wired JetBlack cleaning unit

    Continuous operation stand-alone auto cleaning cyclone dust filtration system

    Large 123 litre/ 35 gallon wheeled drum for easy waste disposal 


    For cyclone extractor option

    Motor Power: 1.5kW (1Ph, 230V, 50Hz as standard)

    Airflow performance: 2,700m3/hr

    Collection capacity: 123L drum

    Net weight: 131kg

    Noise level: 74dB(A) @ 3m

    Location: Mobile for access and cleaning

    Input current: 240V, 1 phase, 50 Hz as standard

    Dimensions: L x W x H: 1,000 x 670 x 1,700mm

    Filter: Automatic filter cleaning for consistent performance. Filter cartridge captures 99% of dust from 0.2 – 2 microns in size.

    Typical Environments Include

    Mining above and below ground

    Mineral processing facilities

    Construction sites

    Power stations

    Clean-room manufacturing facilities

    Quarrying/Stone/Aggregate facilities

    Plastic and rubber production

    Cement and plasterboard manufacturing 

    Paper and tissue production

    Carpet and general textile manufacturing

    Anywhere that has dust and other airborne solids

    How to Buy

    Direct from Dynamic Engineering Australia: contact the Dynamic Engineering sales team.

    Dynamic Engineering Australia is the exclusive distributor for JETBLACK personnel cleaning stations and booths in Australia and New Zealand. 


    HEPA filter: contact the Dynamic Engineering sales team

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