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  • V-Max Central Fan P-133

    For use with extraction arms

    The Plymoth V-Max central fans are designed specially for smoke, gas and lighter dust (local exhaust ventilation). They are made of heavy steel plate and come complete with a pedestal for mounting on floors, walls or ceiling.

    They are larger fans suitable for multiple arms ducted together or to a one-off hood or pick-up point.

    Ideal for welding fume extraction. 

    The versatile Plymoth Alfi range has a wide variety of fans, retractable arm lengths and configurations to meet your needs, with filtered, mobile and wall mounted units that fit into all workshop layouts (eg one fan with multiple extraction arms). Easily fitted into all workshops, the extraction arms easily retract out of the way when not in use, saving space and installation costs. But most importantly, extracting fumes at the source means cleaner air at work which is safer for staff.

    Technical Data Sheet (Download)

    See technical data sheet: V-Max Fans

    Key Features

    These two large fan sizes suit multiple Plymoth retractable extraction arms:

    • V-Max central fan P-133 - 1.1kW/3 Phase/3000m³  
    • V-Max central fan P-134 - 2.2W/3 Phase/4600m³   

    Energy savings for welding operations - An extraction system with a central fan unit can be equipped with an Automatic Damper S-Max© to save energy when welding. One damper per extractor is needed. The damper automatically starts working when the welding starts and operates only during the arc time. The amount of extracted hot air can be reduced up to 90 percent. A substantial saving!

    What's Included

    V-Max central fan

    Pedestal for floor/wall/ceiling mounting

    Fan case

    Inlet d.250mm, outlet 145x220mm

    Note: does not include Plymoth Alfi extraction arms. These must be purchased separately - please see Related Products (below) for your extraction arm requirements.

    Plug and lead also not included


    Motor power 1.1kW, 3 Phase
    Air movement:  3000m³/h
    Input current:  230V/380-420V /50Hz/2.7A/IP55/440V/60Hz
    Packaged weight:  18kg 
    Packaged dimensions
    L x W x H:
    580 x 500 x 575mm 

    + 430 x 175 x 540mm

    Location:  Fixed - floor, wall or ceiling mounted

    Typical Environments

    Workers requiring at-source fume extraction: welders; schools; workshops; hazardous and other specialised environments including welding, grinding, soldering, food processing, chemicals; vehicle exhaust emissions.

    How To Buy

    Direct from Dynamic Engineering Australia: contact the Dynamic Engineering sales team.


    Flexible extractor arms can be ordered separately to suit the size required (160mm or 200mm diameter; length 1.5 - 9 metres): contact the Dynamic Engineering sales team

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