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Cockburn Men’s shed dust collection system

Their challenge

Airborne dust particles posed a significant challenge in the Men's Shed's woodworking environment. These particles not only affected the health and safety of shed members but also demanded frequent cleaning and maintenance, hindering productivity.

Our solution

Dynamic Engineering Australia (DEA) stepped in with a tailored solution: a comprehensive dust extraction system designed specifically for the Men's Shed layout and woodworking activities. This system efficiently captures and eliminates airborne dust particles, ensuring a safer and healthier workspace.

DEA's solution addressed immediate concerns on all the existing machines and incorporated floor sweeps to ensure easier main workshop clean up.

By investing in this system, the Men's Shed demonstrated a commitment to their members well-being and operational efficiency.

The results

The implementation of DEA's dust collection system yielded remarkable results. Shed members now operate in a safer and healthier environment, with reduced exposure to harmful dust particles. Compliance with safety standards is ensured, reflecting positively on the Shed's commitment to occupational health and safety.

Moreover, the dust collection system has led to increased productivity by minimizing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. Shed members can focus more on their woodworking projects without interruptions, enhancing operational efficiency.

This project stands as a testament to the effectiveness of tailored ventilation engineering solutions in addressing the site challenges. DEA extends its appreciation to all involved parties for their contribution to the success of this project. Together, we have created a workspace where safety, health, and productivity thrive harmoniously.

 “The system works great! The Shed is a much healthier environment now that most of the sawdust is collected outside in the collector." ~ Mike Murphy, Chairman, Cockburn Community Men’s Shed.