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When you need to use an air blower to clean down your clothes

JetBlack Safety wall mounted personnel cleaning station

If you’re looking for a dust removal system solution for your workers or your home workshop

There are many industries where workers get covered in dust, fibres and other minute particles as part of their everyday work - mining (coal, minerals), stone and granite, wood products, forestry,  quarries, paper and tissue production, carpets and textiles, cement and plasterboard, and even construction and power. As workers leave the dusty location to go home or to lunch and clean rooms, they need an easy and safe way to blow off the dust and particles from their clothing.

But the de-dusting problem is not just specific to big industry. If you were generating sawdust or lots of dust and particles by working with wood at home or in a workshop, or if you had a small business installing stone or granite benchtops, or you were a tree-lopper, you might also be looking for a way to clean-down before you jump in the car to head home for dinner.

Compressed air blow downs are not safe, nor recommended for any contact with human skin (see more below) - plus it isn’t always practical to have compressed air tanks on hand - and vacuum dust collectors just don’t cut it for sucking particles off clothing.

So what is the solution? Blower air

The newest technology is to use blower air for dust collection and extraction systems. Blower air is generated by fans at high-velocity yet low-pressure so can create a steady flow of air… enough for an air showers or air curtains… to dislodge most dust, fibres and particles from workers’, their clothing, and their equipment. Imagine industrial dust collector solutions, which situate personnel cleaning booths with air blowers close to a premise’s entry and exit points, so that workers step inside the booth wearing their PPE, and in 10-30 seconds, they have been safely blown down (Note: the booths can include filters for dust collection and extraction).

On a smaller scale, fixed personnel cleaning stations can be mounted onto the wall in a convenient location so workers can use the air blower to clean dust off themselves and their equipment. But perhaps the most versatile version of a dust removal system is the portable personnel cleaning station which is ideal for working in confined spaces, or on location, at a client’s or on site, or just at home! Note, extraction options are not usually included with these smaller units.

And why is blower air safer than compressed air?

JetBlack Safety air blower technology is safe to use directly on your skin

Most OHS legislation around the world recommends that compressed air from an air gun or nozzle SHOULD NOT be directly applied any part of the human body. Direct contact with compressed air can lead to serious medical conditions and even death – high pressure air directly applied to your skin, eyes, nose, mouth and naval can lead to serious problems within your bloodstream, brain, eyes, lungs, heart, stomach and intestines. So no joking around with compressed air at work (or even while filling up your car tyres)!

By comparison, blower-driven air is safely able to come directly into contact with skin and parts of our body.

Bonus - blower air is always ON

Besides, how many industries, businesses or homes even have access to compressed air? Plus, all that waiting until the compressed air is at the right pressure again; The beauty of blower-driven air is that it is always available, because you don’t have to wait for a refill – yay! And it is not noisy.

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