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Are air purifiers the answer to hotel quarantine ventilation?

Plymoth Air Purifier side by side with a concept drawing of a waiting room that has an air purifier at work

After numerous breaches of hotel quarantine across Australia where COVID has escaped into the community, it does seem way overdue to only now evaluate the air quality inside Australia's frontline defence - the quarantine hotel rooms and corridors. This article from ABC raised some interested points about HEPA filters:

The article indicates that a simple air purifier could "...dramatically reduce the amount of COVID particles in the air". One of the experts in the article is quoted as saying:

"...a high-efficiency particulate air filter — known as a HEPA filter — is the best at removing, or 'scrubbing', viruses or bacteria from the air. The first thing to consider is how effective an air cleaner's filter is. Your best option is a cleaner that uses a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, as these remove more than 99.97 per cent of all particle sizes".

Plymoth has released a new line of innovative HEPA 14 air purifiers to help combat COVID19 and bacteria. The air purifiers are suitable for places where people gather - coffee rooms, lunch rooms, meeting rooms, offices, waiting rooms, schools, restaurants, fitness studios, changing rooms... They would also be suitable for hotel rooms and general areas like corridors/lift zones.

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Pymoth VBF-HEPA air purifier