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Don't take the dust home with you

JetBlack Safety personnel cleaning booth with man exiting the booth (with mask on), and background image of mining/dusty work environment

If you've ever wondered what solutions are out there to remove dust from your workers' clothing and equipment, then take a look at the JetBlack Safety personnel cleaning range. There's booths to safely remove and contain dangerous dust and debris, or cleaning stations for a quick blow down on the worksite. If you work in a dusty environment, then the last thing you want thing you want to do is take the dust home with... or into the office.

Successfully moving workers from dirty zones to clean zones

The JetBlack Safety Walk-through and Hands-free Personnel Cleaning Booths have been proven very effective with typical dusty work environments. We have recently delivered a number of these booths to a minerals process refinery, an aluminium refinery, and a pyrethrum production facility.

A walk-through personnel cleaning booth has two doors.

JetBlack Safety walk through hands free personnel cleaning booth

Or see the hands-free booth in action

Wall-mounted cleaning station

The JetBlack Safety Wall-Mounted Personnel Cleaning Station, which can be easily mounted at exit and entry points, continues to be one of our biggest sellers - particularly with the bricks, cement and aggregates industries.

JetBlack Safety personnel cleaning station in use