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Coconut activated carbon filter solves pesticide manufacturing VOCs problem

Pytherum flowers

When Botanical Resources Australia had a specific request to help extract odorous fumes and powders at its filling bins, we were able to provide a suitable solution using Aerservice Equipments’ UNI2.2H mobile filter with EPA. The pesticide manufacturing facility needed an extractor that was both mobile and able to cope with the volatile organic compound (VOC) released from the pytherum it uses to make pesticides.

The UNI2.2H already comes standard with 3 stage filtration – spark arrestor (mesh), washable preliminary filter, and an EPA E12 final stage filter (to achieve 99.5% efficiency). But this effective mobile filter unit and at-source extractor also has the option to include an additional activated carbon filter to capture VOCs. In this instance, we recommended the activated carbon made from coconut shell, which allows a good absorption capacity against low molecular weight products, such as the pyrethrum powder.

Justin MacQueen, Botanical Resource’ refinery manager, complemented the functionality of the UNI2.2 on arrival, saying it fit their purposes perfectly and has since proved additional worth with other bespoke works. He particularly liked the filter design as a “very clever use of space!”

UNI2.2 mobile fume extractor from Aerservices