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  • Flexible Extraction Arm - 160mm Ø x 2 m long

    Retractable self-supporting fume extraction arms

    The Plymoth ALFI Flexi Extractor Arm (P-007) is an efficient and versatile benchwork extractor arm. It is designed to suit our standard fans.

    Plymoth ALFI Extractor Arms are internally supported to be rigid during service and retractable for convenience. They provide a robust and flexible fume extraction solution, and local exhaust ventilation.

    Technical Data Sheet (Download)

    See technical data sheet: Flexible Extractor Arms datasheet

    Key Features

    Flexible arm - the inner parallelogram technology with unique spring-controlled lock makes the arm incredible easy to move and to retain its position for precise manoeuvrability

    Durable - high temperature-resistant hose and steel hood can withstand sparks, chemicals and heat

    Action radius - the extractor hood can be angled more than 110˚ in all directions

    Spotlight - LED lighting options can be easily fitted onto the hood

    Flexible arm options - Various lengths available up to 5 metres long, and 200mm diameter option also available (the 200mm diameter has been specially made for heavy smoke, dust and gases)

    What's Included

    Wall bracket


    Hood with handle

    Damper (for volume control)

    Internal support mechanism


    Packaged weight : 17kg
    Packaged dimensions
    L x W x H:
    245 x 860 x 325mm 
    Location:  Wall mounted 

    Typical Environments


    Welding and work cubicles

    Areas with low ceilings

    How To Buy

    Direct from Dynamic Engineering Australia: contact the Dynamic Engineering sales team.


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    Spotlights - LED lighting for the hood - contact the Dynamic Engineering sales team

    Extensions - up to 4m extension arms and extension ducting and ducting with magnetic hood - contact the Dynamic Engineering sales team

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