Dynamic Engineering Australia is committed to the protection of the environment in which we, our employees, and clients work and live.

Our office and workshop facility is being developed to minimise any impact we have on our surrounding environment. Every effort is made to use workshop materials and equipment having the lowest possible impact on the environment.

DEA ensure that contractors engaged by them for any chemical processing have chemical handling & processing facilities and a workshop designed to meet the requirements of the Department of Minerals and Energy, Explosives and Dangerous Goods Division, The Department of occupational health, Safety and welfare and the Environmental protection authority. DEA also ensure that where there is a requirement for a contractor engaged by them to transport Dangerous Goods this will be carried out by licensed vehicle and drivers. DEA will insist that any chemicals used on a clients site will be removed after completion of their use for disposal in accordance with Government regulations.

DEA Office/Workshop facility minimises waste materials and recycles wherever possible. All disposal of waste is carried out in accordance with Government regulations.