Occupational Health and Safety

Dynamic Engineering Australia (DEA) ensures that its supplier/manufacturers have occupational health and safety policies of their own and that they observe relevant Australian Standards and insists that any contractors engaged by them also have OHS policy’s and comply with all relevant Australian Standards.

Dynamic Engineering Australia strives to improve its operational practices and recognises that its own employees and contractor staff are vital to its successful operation. In recognition of this it is company policy to provide:

  • A place of work that is free of hazards
  • Protective equipment that meets all requirements of Australian Standards, for those conditions where hazards may be present.
  • Safe working procedures are currently being developed for our own workshop for the prevention of accidents and are also compiled in conjunction with clients for work carried out on their site.
  • An environment which fosters a strong participative work and safety culture.

DEA aims to develop a partnership with its clients in the development and maintenance of safe working practices when installing and using our products. DEA welcomes feed back and the opportunity to participate with clients in continual development of dynamic and pro-active safety systems so that safety is not compromised.