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Fume and Dust Extraction

Case Studies

Wirtgen - Perth, WA

Wirtgen Group snip of company profile


Wirtgen is a large construction equipment machinery supplier (part of the John Deere Group), and recently built a large maintenance facility in Guildford, Perth. Dynamic Engineering Australia was asked to consult in the initial stages of the design of dust fume and vehicle extraction systems to serve the aggressive gouging areas proposed for this site.

After several months of detailed design and many review phases, we eventually recommended several welding fume, vehicle exhaust fume, and extraction systems. All these systems were primarily supplied by Dynamic Engineering Australia in conjunction with other key Wirtgen preferred suppliers. 


Several retractable fume and vehicle extraction arms with long extensions were provided to enable the most variable and versatile pick-up points possible.

  • Many of these arms in the large vehicle bay area were designed for large diameter using metal duct and flexible duct, so required large truss or Hercules extension arms, with braking systems to support the complete system. 
  • Due to the size and versatility of the equipment being maintained on the site, most of the vehicle extraction arms needed to be at high level and needed to be provided with high temperature flexible hose.  
    • In some cases, retractable flexible duct supports were required to ensure the ducting was out of the way unless needed.

All of the systems required high quality, medium pressure extraction fans, which were also provided by Dynamic Engineering Australia. 

  • Many of these were roof-mounted and fitted with discharge silencers and goose-neck stacks at roof level. 

Most of the welding fume and gouging systems using retractable arms were ducted into Donaldson dust extraction systems along with ground-mounted fans and discharge silencers. 


The complete system was installed by Aerison in conjunction with Dynamic Engineering Australia. This project was an overall success.

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