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Fume and Dust Extraction

Case Studies

Diesel exhaust fume extraction for Pilbara train maintenance workshop

Our client, one of the large mining companies in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, has a local rail maintenance facility for its trains. They required an effective system to extract away the diesel fumes when the locomotives are in the workshop for maintenance. We recommended Aerservice Equipments’ ARHMV Vehicle Exhaust Fume Extraction Hose Reel - an hose and reel system with a motorised retraction and a fan, together with a 10 metre TGA hose (diameter 100mm).

The ARH hose and reels are designed for the localized extraction of vehicle exhaust fumes, and can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted, or can be fitted into a sliding track system.

Articulated fume extraction arms for mining training facility

Our client is a large mining company that has recently established a training facility to progress trainees through an intensive apprenticeship programme in a number of mining related trades. One part of the training facility is dedicated to welding and gouging processes for trainees working on heavy vehicles, trucks and mining equipment. Twelve welding bays with acoustic enclosures required fume extraction points. We suggested the Aerservice Equipments’ Armotech arm. The arms are ducted to a spark arrestor and dust collection system.

The ArmoTech arm is articulated and self-supporting, extremely manoeuvrable, and made of light aluminium alloy. It comes in a range of lengths and diameters. In this instance, the 2 metre arms were installed.

Cleaning in-process crucial to mobile heavy duty welding fume extractors

Our client supplies wear plates and products for heavy duty mining and trucking equipment. They do welding and gouging, and needed a mobile, at-source fume and particulate extraction solution for when they work on each piece of equipment. We recommended Aerservice Equipments’ UNI4.2C mobile fume and dust extractor with ArmoTech arm because it comes with two cartridge filters in antistatic polyester for a high filtering efficiency (M 99%), plus has an automatic filter cleaning system (compressed air) that completely cleans the whole filter.

The reverse pulse cleaning system pulses the filters every minute to break off accumulated particulate, allowing work to continue uninterrupted. The filters can be cleaned manually and only need replacing once or twice a year (depending on use).

Our client says the UNI4.2s are working well and it is so much more productive that they don’t have to stop work to clean filters all the time.

Coconut activated carbon filter solves pesticide manufacturing VOCs problem

When Botanical Resources Australia had a specific request to help extract odorous fumes and powders at its filling bins, we were able to provide a suitable solution using Aerservice Equipments’ UNI2.2H mobile filter with EPA. The pesticide manufacturing facility needed an extractor that was both mobile and able to cope with the volatile organic compound (VOC) released from the pytherum it uses to make pesticides.

The UNI2.2H already comes standard with 3 stage filtration – spark arrestor (mesh), washable preliminary filter, and an EPA E12 final stage filter (to achieve 99.5% efficiency). But this effective mobile filter unit and at-source extractor also has the option to include an additional activated carbon filter to capture VOCs. In this instance, we recommended the activated carbon made from coconut shell, which allows a good absorption capacity against low molecular weight products, such as the pyrethrum powder.

Justin MacQueen, Botanical Resource’ refinery manager, complemented the functionality of the UNI2.2 on arrival, saying it fit their purposes perfectly. He particularly liked the filter design as a “very clever use of space!”

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Mobile fume extractor to supplement existing dust collection system

Our client, a rubber hose manufacturer, already has an existing dust collection system in place with fixed extraction points. However, they needed a mobile option to provide at source fume  and small debris extraction for when they are cutting rubber hose away from the fixed extraction points. We suggested the Plymoth P-540 MF-ECO mobile fume extractor as a solution to provide effective mobile fume extraction.

The P-540 is a conveniently-sized mobile filtered fume extractor. It includes a built-in JetPulse cleaner – a compressed air cleaning system. The 3m Flexi arm is articulated and self-supporting, extremely manoeuvrable, and can swivel 360o. It comes in a range of lengths and diameters.     

Dust fume and vehicle exhaust extraction system for aggressive gouging


Wirtgen is a large construction equipment machinery supplier (part of the John Deere Group), and recently built a large maintenance facility in Guildford, Perth. Dynamic Engineering Australia was asked to consult in the initial stages of the design of dust fume and vehicle extraction systems to serve the aggressive gouging areas proposed for this site.

After several months of detailed design and many review phases, we eventually recommended several welding fume, vehicle exhaust fume, and extraction systems. All these systems were primarily supplied by Dynamic Engineering Australia in conjunction with other key Wirtgen preferred suppliers. 


Several retractable fume and vehicle extraction arms with long extensions were provided to enable the most variable and versatile pick-up points possible.

  • Many of these arms in the large vehicle bay area were designed for large diameter-using metal duct and flexible duct, so required large truss or Hercules extension arms, with braking systems to support the complete system. 

  • Due to the size and versatility of the equipment being maintained on the site, most of the vehicle exhaust extraction arms needed to be at high level and needed to be provided with high temperature flexible hose.  

  • In some cases, retractable flexible duct supports were required to ensure the ducting was out of the way unless needed.

All of the systems required high quality, medium pressure extraction fans, which were also provided by Dynamic Engineering Australia. 

  • Many of these were roof-mounted and fitted with discharge silencers and goose-neck stacks at roof level. 

Most of the welding fume and gouging systems using retractable arms were ducted into Donaldson dust extraction systems along with ground-mounted fans and discharge silencers. 


The complete system was installed by Aerison in conjunction with Dynamic Engineering Australia. This project was an overall success.

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