Case Study - Bega Cheese

Bega Cheese: drying solution


To dry cream cheese jars to enable the effective application of paper labelling (standard) and pressure sensitive wrap-around labeling (future need). Our client required a consistent cost effective solution, which would be economical to run.


We visited the site, listening to their needs and supplied two Low Noise Dri-line units in-series to ensure dryness requirements were achieved. These two units were incorporated in an acoustic enclosure to contain the noise and spray. The air delivery devices required in this case were quite elaborate because they needed to target the jar sides, under-cap, and tops of lids.

Three years later, we re-visited the site to help them reconfigure the system to support the introduction of a wrap-around pressure sensitive labelling. Dynamic Engineering Australia (DEA) provided a detailed list of improvements, including an additional equipment list.

Bega enlisted DEA to return to site with the new items and oversee the reconfiguration of the installation, including the fitting of the new equipment.


Bega Cheese now has dry cream cheese jars for labeling. Wastage is now minimal, but also, the possible health risk from bacteria forming around the lid has been completely removed.

This means that along with the low running costs, we have a satisfied customer and they have equipment that is already paying for itself.

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